Summer Camp of Young Feminists of Europe

We want to energize the network of young feminist in europe. We want to propose a space of meeting and political development, nice and friendly to prepare and lead together to the coming struggles. This forum will help us to communicate and organise!

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Name for our website / nom du site internet / nombre del sitio web

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Un débat a commencé (sur facebook), à propos du nom du site internet.
Nous sommes parties de 2 propositions : ou
et nous avons maintenant 2 autres propositions : www.youngfeministsofworld.​org (ou oftheworld) et www.worldmarchofwomenyouth​.org
La discussion a ainsi porté surtout sur la question de l'Europe : c'était le nom et le projet du campement, mais s'y reconnait-on ? Est-ce-que cela a un sens pour nous ? Est-ce assez inclusif ?
En parallèle je pense que la question de l'objectif du site internet est posée ...
Ci-dessous, la discussion (en anglais) qui a commencé sur facebook.

Qu'en pensez-vous ?? Continuons la discussion !

A debate arise (on facebook), about the name of our futur internet website.
We began with 2 proposals : or
and we now have 2 more proposals : www.youngfeministsofworld.​org (or oftheworld) et www.worldmarchofwomenyouth​.org
The discussion was mostly about "Europe" : it was the name and the project of the camp, but do we like it ? Does it have a meaning for us ? Is it enough inclusive ?
I think the question of the objective of the website is also there ...
Below, the discussion that began on facebook.

What do you think ? Let's continue the discussion !


Ha iniciado un debate (en Facebook) sobre el nombre del sitio web.
Partimos de dos proposiciones: o
y ahora tenemos otras dos propuestas:. www.youngfeministsofworld org (o oftheworld) y
La discusión se ha centrado en la cuestión de Europa : era el nombre del campo y el proyecto, pero reconoció que? No, no tiene sentido para nosotros? ¿Es suficientemente inclusiva?
Al mismo tiempo, creo que la cuestión de la finalidad del sitio web se pone ...
Debajo, la discusión que se inició en facebook (en ingles).

¿Qué piensa usted? Continuamos con el debate!

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2 the discussion on facebook ... on Mon Aug 08, 2011 10:35 pm

Hey girls ! Still no "official news" after the camp but don't worry ... working on it ! Team has begin to work on the website, and we are brainstorming for a name. 2 proposals for now : or ... Any other idea ? What do you prefer ?

2 propositions de nom de site web : une autre idée ? lequel vous préférez ??

Decision to be taken sooooon .... Smile

Lilit : but Armenia is not part of europ, or brazil or quebec, i thank it is better to wirte www.youngfeministsfoworld.​org, that is only my opinion

Kara : vay Lilooo Very Happy:D

Kara : ok I aggree with Lilit Smile

Clara : Kara, you erase your post !! hum ... but the camp was a camp of young feminists of Europe, no ? "of Europe" taken as large, including Armenia, Azerbaijan... Wink .. and I heard a few girls talking about a camp of worldwide young feminists ..! Meeting with youngs feminists active in south and north America, Africa, Asia ... step by step girls !

Kara : ok but du coup I forgot brazil quebec portugal, so if it's for mmf C mieux www.youngfeministsfoworld.​org

Kara : the decision is yours Clara Smile)

Clara : grr .. it's just ... let's wait for other's point of view. Decision is ours

Anbi Lo (Anne) : well I guess it depends what our objectives are - if it's to consolidate the links we created by the camp and to pursue european networking and future camp organisation in europe (europe as in, europe as large (azer, etc), and any other country for that matter, but being organised and based in europe. I don't see it as preventing association with other countries of the world, but in terms of organisation it might be easier to start there, and then develop to a more global scale. But whatever, I like both ideas, both are ok to me : )

Milena : i like the idea of young feminists of the world, since i don't fully understand what there is to lose by calling it that instead of young feminists of europe

Milena : it would be good to consider that for some armenians we don't consider ourselves "european", sometimes we are seens as asian, euro-asian, people who don't know much about armenia consider it the middle east, and still some say it is the south-caucuses... so by continuing to call it a young feminists of europe camp there is the issue of having to identify as "european" and for a lot of armenians this is usually preferred since it gives them a kind of status...but there is something un-feminist about this...i think europe in general has created itself in this light of superiority and it's a good thing to think about

Clara : Yep, and we haven't discussed that during the camp, from what I know ... But still : you came to a "european camp of young feminist", and what we tried to do, is to gather young feminist activ in Europe (even if born somewhere else, like in Brazil ;-). We decide that from the idea that we would have something to share from common experience, such as "economic crisis" or even political cultures. Of course there is high diversity in Europe also ... But ... without any african young feminists during the camp, can we call us "of the world" ? They probably have a very different experience and writing a text with them would have lead us to a different path ... That's why I'm asking : calling us "of the world" when we were mostly from Europe, isn't it a risk to be understood as the superiority that you mention Milena ? I mean, this event being in the frame of the World March of Women, it is evident that we care about what is happening in the all world and that we work for the union of all women. The mouvement itself give space for continents ... but could probably be organised a different way ! Hum ... still to question Smile

Kara : Dear Clara if you decided to put the name of web site with word "europe" then do it, no need to share the post what others think with the question which is brainstorming between 2 proposals.we think it will be better with world, you think another way then let us have our point of view and publish it here, if others think that will be better then count who's "pour" and who's "contre" and thats all !!! Smile)

Clara : Well kara, I think we can first discuss and give arguments and then decide alltogether. But if we don't take the time to discuss, we'll never have a chance to know what the others think. Discussion is good !

Kara : I know I suggest the same thing

Clara : LOL! It reminds me the horrible general assembly we had with the river and stuff : I was also saying discussion is good ... ;-)

Laura Candidatu : During the camp I proposed to use the terms international camp but now I am thinking that since the whole camp was called "European camp of young feminists", we should continue with the same title. And I am guessing also that the website it's actually the follow up of the camp so it should be in sync somehow.

Kara : exactly the same as in GA Very Happy

Milena : aren't we the "world" march? can't we be young feminists of the world/international? i am certain that there are immigrants in european countries such as france, england, brussells, etc, etc who do not call themselves european, and instead call themselves moroccan, armenian, lebanese, somalian, korean, etc, will we make this movement inclusive for them by calling it a young feminists of europe camp? or is this not the goal?

Milena : to have to stick to something because that's the way it was started is not an ideology that will lead us to any change, i think we should open this discussion up to the rest of the people who participated maybe through e-mail, i have several of the participants e-mails, but not all... maybe we can compile a list and get started with what we will call it, and then with what we will do and how to change things.Smile

Alexandra Negrut : I also remember that GA and I remember that we decided to compromise, which we could also consider in this case. Everyone by now has proved their point - we didn't have any african women in the camp so we couldn't call ourselves the world, we had participants which do not identify with european, and even related to that I could say that we didn't have roma women, or other nationalities that could identify with european and have specific problems as women or as feminists. I think that 'international' would be a good compromise and will not set expectations of full representation of feminists of the world/Europe, but it may be a good start of reaching it.

Milena : i think to say we didn't have any "african" women is a little ignorant since i distinctly remember sara identifying herself as part of the afro-latin community. and why does calling ourselves "the world" only have to be in the case that we have an "african" woman. if i remember correctly we didn't have any japanese, phillipina, burmese, pacific-islander, palestinian, or indigenous australian people, to name a few members of the world community. i don't think this is the case in the end, what i am trying to say is that there are some of us who came who do not identify as "european," what is then proposed to do, do we have to change our identity to become part of a european feminist movement, or do we become separated into european and non-european?

Clara : Debate is really interesting ! Smile . Suggestion : we could be make a website called : www.worldmarchofwomenyouth​.org. Then we could invite all young feminists in the world (through the March) to put contents. We had contact with young feminists in Africa (representing 12 countries, they had a meeting at the same moment in july, but unfortunately they wrote us after our camp finished), we can invite them and others to use that web space ... What do you think ? I agree with the proposal to put the debate larger by mail, and will write a mail today (I have the list of almost all the pax). Can I copy this discussion ? I'm looking for a "practical way to have this discussion, because through mails it can be quite heavy ... any idea ?

Clara : By the way who/what is GA ???

Milena : general assembly (it's shortened Smile

Raphaelle Bessette : I like the fact of keeping it open to include every young feminist of the world, it represents the MMF's spirit in a way which also started in a specific geographical area but has spread out everywhere!!! I endorse www.worldmarchofwomenyouth​.org Smile

Lilit : this discussion is reminding me our general meetings , which i miss a lot Smile))))))))

Lilit : One more thing, Clara. You are right, we came to a European feminists camp, but during the camp when we had the general meetings we spoke about the problem in the world as a whole. During the camp we decided to have a website which will make a connection with people who came to the camp and I personally came to the camp as an active participant and not just a visitor. Now I feel that if we open a website under "European feminist" then I will not be able to participate because I don't consider myself "European".

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3 About the domain name on Thu Aug 18, 2011 3:20 pm

Hi !

I don't use Facebook but this discussion is interesting !

I want to precise that the domain name won't be a permanent thing and that we will have to choose each year if we continue with it or not. So we can change the name later, even if it's better to choose it right first.

I remember that we talked about feminists "of Europe" instead of "european" feminists, because being in Europe is a temporary fact. I consider myself as a citizen of the world, however I live in Europe.

Maybe www.worldmarchofwomenyouth​.org is a good compromise, but it's a long name ! Maybe is another option.

I think we need first to keep the links we made during this camp, and choosing a name should not be a way to divide ourselves ! And I thing we are are not representative of the whole world.

But, as the current web site manager, I'm quite afraid of managing a website for all young feminists all around the world, it's too much for our current hosting means.



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I don`t write very well so that is te question: in Skopje we were talking about this name for de web site:

w w w . YoungFeministCamp . o r g

And maybe in the web site we can use WMW Summer Camp of Young Feminists of Europe as we do in Galiza:

our web site is
w w w . feminismo. i n f o
but when you enter you can read: Marcha Mundial das Mulleres na Galiza


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